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Asda Global's non-offical wiki, information for new players, and some old. The game is at Please share any information you have on Asda for the same of other players!

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Tigerlily's Tips for New PlayersEdit

  • Don't share your password with anyone not even your mother.    Because if I was your mother I'd steal your gold for every time you left your room a mess.
  • Don't use bots or macros.  Because we would have to ban you, and we don't like to ban people.  At least not most of the time. ;)
  • If you have a question feel free to ask in global chat, we have lots of kind players that will answer you.  Except if the question is 'can I have some gold', the answer will be no.  I'm always broke. T.T
  • If you have a party quest ask in global for a group, there's always players around with your quest.  You'll have better luck with players your level then a high level, they are probably standing around afk.
  • Keep trash talking in whispers, not in global.  I don't want to hear it ;). Keep Asda friendly!
  • If your question is can I have an avatar, just be patient, the game always gives cool stuff away all the time!  
  • Last of all just enjoy the game!  ^.^

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